Which factors that affect rate of reaction?

There are several factors that affect rate of chemical reaction and determine how fast or slow a chemical reaction could go.

In chemical kinetics, we deal greatly with the rates of chemical reactions,

With regards to that, I am going to talk about factors that affect rates of reaction.

Actually, there about 6 factors that affect rates of reaction though some educators claim and concentrated on four factors affecting rats of reaction.

It is important to understand how these factors affect rates.

Six factors that affect rates of reactions.

Factors that affect rates of chemical reactionExplanation
TemperatureWhen there is increase in Temperature, the average kinetic energy of particles increases the frequency of collisions and thus increases the rates of reaction.
PressurePressure increase increases rates of reaction, so increase in pressure decreases the volume of reactants vessel and this making the particles to be crowded on a smaller space consequently increasing frequency of collisions and thus increasing rates of chemical reactions.
ConcentrationThere is effect of concentration as a factor and as a matter of fact increase in concentration increases the number of particles available on a smaller container and thus increasing the frequency of collisions and thus increasing the rates of reactions.
Surface areaSurface area is the space in contact with the media If the surface area increases, the number of particles in contact with the medium increases which increases the frequency of collision and thus increasing rate of reaction.
Addition of a catalystAddition of a catalyst alters the rate of reactions. The word alters means increases (Positive catalyst) or decreases (negative catalysts), it lowers the activation energy thus providing an alternative pathway of reduced activation energy for reactant particles to follow.
Presence of lightSome reactions are photochemical which means that they are sensitive to the presence of light. A photochemical reaction is a reaction whose rate depends on the presence of light. Some reaction only react faster when the ansorb light enrgy.

Studying the rates of chemical reaction is very important and understanding how to alter is crucial in experiments and industries.

The six factors that affect rates of chemical reaction help us to understand how fas or slow a chemical could go.

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