What are the 4 steps of water treatment?

What are the 4 steps involved in the treatment of water? Treatment of water involves basically steps needed to be undertaken to get clean water.

Treatment of water for town supply is a very vital important step before town supply.

The steps in the treatment of water for town supply involve several steps which include screening, coagulation, sedimentation filtration, and disinfection.

Treatment of water for town supply is a necessary treatment that helps in the purification of water for cities.

Why do we treat water for town supply?

Treating for town supply is expedient for several purposes including making the water fit for drinking and town supply.


The screening is done to remove twigs and dirty particles, it serves as a semi-filtration channel preventing the water from being littered with al these large leaves and other related particles


Coagulation or Flocculation is another step in the treatment of water for town supply. What happened during Flocculation? In Flocculation, we add a coagulant or flocculent to facilitate the flocculation of the water. In Flocculation, the smaller dirt particles come together to form large dirt particles.

Flocculation or Coagulation is a very important aspect of water treatment before sedimentation.

The flocculation plant should be upright to enable the process to proceed well and in Flocculation, we usually add coagulants like Aluminium sulfate to aid the process.


In sedimentation, this is usually done in settling tanks. In the sedimentation process, the particles settle at the bottom of the tank. The sedimentation process takes a little time for all the smaller particles to coalesce together and settle.


The filtration process involves removing impurities using sand beds or filter beds. filtration any particle bigger than the particles of water  

Filtration is done to make the water pure and remove sprockets of dirt that were not removed via screening or sedimentation.


The disinfection process involves the treatment of water to kill germs. There are basic halogens added to perform some basic functions.

For example Chlorine kill germs, Flourine prevent tooth decay and strengthen bone and teeth.

Iodine prevents inflammation of the goiter or thyroid gland while another additives like carbon slurry adsorbs color and taste from the water

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