Why are alkenes and alkynes called unsaturated hydrocarbons?

Why alkenes and alkynes are called unsaturated hydrocarbons is actually due to the double anfd triple bonds they possess. Alkenes and alkynes are called unsaturated compounds basically for two reasons  1. Both do not have enough hydrogen atoms due to the double and multiple bonds they have 2. Both alkenes and alkynes have double and…

Revision Notes For Organic Chemistry Class II

I want to show some basic concepts in organic Chemistry using this revision note for organic chemistry class II. REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING CONVERSIONS differentiate terminal alkynes from alkenes 20. The gradual breakdown of starch and carbohydrates into smaller molecules like ethanol is called Fermentation 21.Saponification of fats and oil with caustic alkali  yields soap and…

What is Thermochemistry?

What is thermochemistry in chemistry? This is the branch of chemistry that deals with the heat energy released or absorbed during chemical reactions. The chemical reactions can occur either in an open, closed, or isolated system. It is very pertinent I mention that some chemical reactions can absorb heat and are called endothermic reactions while…

Ksp Chemistry (What is Solubility Product Constant)

Ksp Chemistry (What is Solubility Product Constant)

Ksp Chemistry or Ksp in Chemistry is a term commonly used in Solubility and solubility-related tasks discussion in Chemistry. However before I go deep into Ksp chemistry and its calculations, I need to recap solubility in chemistry. Solubility is the amount of solute in grams or moles that will dissolve in 1 dm3  of solvent….